The structure and self-awareness of our society is more and more dominated by communication technology. Wireless communication is a pivotal point in this development, as it provides unlimited spatial and also temporal presence. If with the spreading of radio at the beginning of the 20th century and even with the development of satellite-technology in the seventies the potential omnipresence of information was still subject to stationary emitters and receivers, nowadays mobile computers, phones and GPS-devices allow the expansion of mobility, which in former times was restricted to the information itself, into its sender and addressee. This means a further conquest of real space by means of virtual or communication-space. Though it is a fact that, since mobile devices have become mass-media, they make a great impact on the mutations of everyday life, a theoretical research about this change is rare and seldom part of public discussions.

Therefore it is absolutely necessary to introduce the many artistic projects on this field to a broader audience. The exhibition presents artistic concepts dealing with communication via mobile phone and / or satellite, with WLAN, tracking systems (infrared, GPS, etc.), but also with the overall presence of electromagnetic waves in general. The selected artists address both the general implications of broadcasting information and the concrete signalling of textual, sound and visual information to specified addressees, including its interactive and community-generating aspects (the "hertzian space"). Their works, (interactive) installations, video- and sound-projects, graphics and sculptures will be presented in the exhibition-rooms of the Cuxhavener Kunstverein. Various activities will promote a discussion of the socio-political and media-historic context of the works, including both the mediation of the topic to the public and a scientific symposium bringing together theoreticians and artists.