operation CNTRCPY™ (2003-2004)


Konstantin Demblin *1979 (Wien)

1997-2000 study of art history, University of Vienna
since 1999 study at the University of applied arts, Vienna (Peter Weibel)

Rainer Prohaska *1966 (Krems)

1994 foundation of the internet-platform Soulsystems
since 2000 study at the University of applied arts, Vienna (Peter Weibel)

Martin Sägmüller *1976 (Bruck)

since 1997 class for computer-based music and electronic media at the institute for electroaccustics, experimental and applied music at the University of Music and performing Arts, Vienna
since 2000 study at the University of applied arts, Vienna (Peter Weibel)
2002 foundation of CNTRCPY™
performances and installations (selection): Ars Electronica (Linz 2001) / Kunsthalle Krems (Krems 2002) / Adler Apotheke (Krems 2003) / Volksoper Wien (Wien 2003)


operation CNTRCPY™ (2003-2004)

CNTRCPY™ investigates media and social systems dealing with techniques of perception and organises performances, installations and events, testing new ways of integrating the visitor into the artwork.
Operation CNTRCPY™ is an SMS-based game-like project, turning out as an ironic commentary on the actual efforts of manned space flight to mars and our yearning for virtual realities. Players have to aim at guiding the own spaceship safely through the cosmos, reaching the mars at fast as possible. The aim of the project, which will be going on for several weeks, is to investigate the simultaneous multi-personality and multi-presence of people in different "societies" due to mobile communication.

>> operation CNTRCPY™ (description of the project)

>> operation CNTRCPY™

The fascinating photographic edition done by CNTRCPY™ in Cuxhaven, showing the conquest of the Wadden Sea by the Mars-Mission is for sale. See
For an impression of the edition and contact for more information.