The catalogue "Ohne Schnur. Art and wireless communication" is out!

The arts have been fascinated by wireless communication since its invention more than 100 years ago - having a critical look at its effects on society, on the perception of space and body consciousness. In this catalogue, exemplary topical installations, video and sound projects, graphics, photography and objects are presented and integrated into the context of media theory and art history by essays written by international scholars.


Katja Kwastek:
Ohne Schnur. Die Eroberung des Hertzraums
Ohne Schnur. The conquest of hertzian space

Dieter Daniels:
Das Wunder der Simultaneitaet. Antizipationen der Globalisierung am Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts
The Miracle of Simultaneity. Anticipations of Globalisation at the Beginning of the 20th century

Inke Arns:
Faktur und Interface. Chlebnikov, Tesla und der himmlische Datenverkehr in Marko Peljhans makrolab (1997-2007)
Faktura and Interface. Hlebnikov, Tesla and the heavenly Data Traffic in Marko Peljhans makrolab (1997-2007)

Stephen Wilson:
Kuenstler als Forscher in der drahtlosen Kommunikation
Artists as Researchers in Wireless Communication

Wolfgang Strauss / Monika Fleischmann:
Mobile Interaktionsraeume
Mobile Spaces of Interaction

Bojana Kunst:
Drahtlose Verbindungen: Attraktionen, Emotionen, Politik
Wireless Connections: Attraction, Emotion, Politics


Christian Terstegge: Radio-Aktiv (1992)

Klaus vom Bruch: Verdun-Stueck (1991)

Marko Peljhan: Makrolab (1997-2007) /
TERITORIJ MIR-A CUX 01052004Z-000Z (2004)

Thomas Weyres: o. T. (2002) / o. T. (2004)

CNTRCPYTM: Operation CNTRCPYTM (2003/2004)

Dunne & Raby: Placebo Objects (2000)

Igor Stromajer: wPack (2004)

Stefan Schemat: Wasser (2004)

Teri Rueb: Drift (2004)

231 pages, engl./ger., many colour illustrations, chart about media arts and technology, (Revolver Archiv für aktuelle Kunst Frankfurt, >>

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