Thomas Weyres (Münster)

Wall-pieces / exhibition logo


Thomas Weyres *1978 (Aachen)

since 1998 Study of Graphic-Design, FH Münster
since 1999 T-Shirt Label PAWONE
many book- and catalogue-projects
exhibitions: 2001 Avantgarde. The next generation. Positionen junger Kunst des neuen Jahrtausends, Schloß Rheda; 2002 Ausstellung des Förderpreises CHAT 2002; Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster



Wall-pieces / exhibition logo

Within the scope of his studies, Thomas Weyres deals mainly with questions of codification of information. He's especially interested in the visualisation of processes that got so much part of everyday life, that we don't even realise them anymore.

Thomas Weyres is going to show two large-scale wall-pieces. The first is dealing with the codification of information, in context of SMS-messages. In their minimalist, severe appearance, the graphics at first sight come out as abstract drawings or computer-graphics. Only with the aid of a second part, bringing the graphics in context with a handy, it gets obvious that they visualise the movements of fingers on a handy-keyboard and the impression changes immediately. Now the observer tries to reconstruct the messages hidden behind the linear formations and starts to reflect about the process of codification of individual messages with the help of a standardised sign-system and their emission in the communication space.
In a second, photographic work, Weyres investigates form and function of charging devices as unalterable condition of wireless communication. Thomas Weyres also created the logo and poster for the exhibition.